Membership Options

Membership Fees
We have made some changes to our membership fees structure in order to simplify the options available and do away with charging per hire fees (from casual/grandparent members). 

New Fee Options
12 Month Membership $60
6 Month Membership $40
3 Month Membership $25

Note: $10 discount available for 12 month memberships if you are a current Alexandra Parents Centre Member, have a Community Services Card, Gold Card or have a new baby (up to 12 months old).

*Volunteer Membership available half price for members who wish to join our volunteer roster and help our librarian on either Wednesdays or Saturday sessions (please only choose if you can commit to at least 1 session a month ) - $30 for 12 months 

Committee Members get a free membership - contact us if you are interested in joining the committee

All memberships include 1 large toy and 3 small toys each time. No additional hire fees.

Hire period is for TWO WEEKS, although you can return your toys sooner to hire different ones out. You can also renew your toys for an additional 2 weeks if the toys is not reserved by another member.


When you join online there are a few processes we need to do manually before your membership is activated. Please allow 48-72 hours for this to take place. It will usually be quicker but best to plan ahead to avoid disappointment if you want to hire toys at a specific time.